The facilities are located in Hellín, province of Albacete, in the new Industrial Estate, “La Fuente” in the smallholdings 25, 27 and 29.

Our bussines

We are situated in Albacete, province of Castilla La Mancha with greater production of almonds and thinking about the great expansion and growth of production at the national level, we have proposed to develop a new almond shelling company.

Maclean Almendras Hellín, S.L. It is dedicated to shelling of the almond both organic and conventional for its subsequent wholesale.

We are a company of recent constitution with spirit of improvement, commercial growing and continuous technological innovation.

Our main objetive is to offer the highest quality standards of our products and get an high prestige brand image and our customers and suppliers loyalty. For this, we buy the raw material directly from the farmer, maintain a close relationship with they and offer them very competitive prices.

The enterprise politicy of Maclean Almendras Hellín, S.L. is the highest quality of our products, meeting the needs of our customer and the security and health of the workers.

We care about the protection and respect the Environment and the current needs of the consumers. For this reason, Company are interested in the ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION and carry out a proper use of our wastes as THE SHELL ALMOND to use as BIOMASS and sell wholesale.


Our facilities have a total floor area of 10.103 square meters, an industrial warehouse of 1.100 square meters constructed and a covered porch of 960 square meters.

In addition, we have other warehouses for storage.

Our facilities have easy access for large-tonnage vehicles and are separated of the city area.


Maclean Almendras Hellín have the most advanced and computerized technology, such as Optical Selection, Metal Detection, etc. to ensure the quality products in the production processes: pre-cleaning, wetting, shelling, drying, selected, gauged and packaged.


1.4.1. Reception

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, the almond is acquired clean and in shell, directly from the farmer. At the reception of the almond a sample is taken, we measure the yield and the percentages of humidity, rotten and bitter to determine if the purchase is accepted. If it is within the allowed levels, we proceed to work on it.

At each stage of the production process, a batch number is assigned, in this way we assure the traceability and control its origin.

Afterwards, we proceed to storage until we take the shell off.

1.4.2. Storage.

The storage is made inside large resistant and durable silos, in order to protect them from contamination and keep them in the proper conditions, as well as in the packaging for their sale, in order to avoid any breakage, losses, deterioration or losses could suffer during transportation.

The packages used are Polypropylene Big Bags, produced exclusively with products and ingredients conforming to the EU regulations on materials and plastic objects intended to come into contact with food.

We also store in closed warehouses with compartmentalization by varieties.

1.4.3. Production

In the storage and production area, cleanliness controls, organic-conventional production separation, machinery maintenance, pests, and safety are carried out to avoid contamination of the merchandise and accidents. Also, metal controls, water used and analysis of the final product are carried out.

In the general flow chart and traceability scheme of the lot, the entire production process is described from the reception to the packaging of the kernel and shipment, identifying all the hazards and establishing the Critical Control Points.


Questionnaire monitoring program of the company’s quality.

1. Do you have Product Control Records? X
2. Do you have control Records of Reception of Almond in Shell? X
3. Do you have a Plan of Vigilance Critical Control Points? X
4. Do you have Correctives Actions established in case of deviation in Process? X
5. Do you have Control Records of the Metal Detector? X
6. Do you have records of Laboratory Analysis Results? X
7. Do you have records of the Water Control Plan? X
8. Do you have a Disinfection, Fumigation and Rodents Control Plan? X
9. Do you have a Waste Management Plan? X
10. Do you have a preventive maintenance plan for equipment, facilities and equipment calibration and verification? X

Human resources

We have a specialized work team in the job that performs, perform a thorough control of the product throughout the process and at all times, for this they receive continuous training from the start.

Before starting to work in the company, our team receives training in Food Handling in the Almond sector, guaranteeing hygiene and safety conditions in the environment and in the handling of the product.

The company has prepared a Workplace Risk Prevention Plan to evaluate the risks in each activity and apply the material, technical and human resources in the preventive activity, ensuring the safety and health of the workers.

Finally, the company has adopted a policy of communication with staff, through meetings to share opinions, making a storm of ideas, and thus, arouses enthusiasm and interest in the performance of their work and also to meet their personal needs.

They are largely responsible for the finished product, the almond in kernel, have the highest quality.

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